Three Awesome and Free Apps That Can Boost Your Shopify Store Sales

Three Awesome and Free Apps That Can Boost Your Shopify Store Sales

 Not many words sound as glorious to a startup small business owner than "free" or "boost sales". When you combine the two words in the same sentence you get more attention than a cupcake in an elementary school cafeteria!



Here are three FREE Shopify Apps that can help boost your sales and satisfy your customer service sweet tooth! (Spoiler alert: Pun Intended)

 1. Sweet Tooth Customer Loyalty App


Sweet Tooth is a Loyalty Rewards program app designed to reward your customers for frequent purchases. With an easy to use interface and loads of features, Sweet Tooth takes Customer Loyalty to the next level. You can customize your Rewards program for customers to earn points through a variety of ways such as:

  • Purchases

Give shoppers points for the most important thing: making a purchase. Customers can spend their points on a $ discount, % discount, free shipping, or store gift cards, the choice is yours.

  • Referrals

Turn your existing customers into powerful marketers that generate sales. Give points for referring friends, and even give the friend a percentage off as an extra incentive.

  • Account Registrations

Eliminate guest checkouts and gain valuable email addresses by rewarding points for registering an account.

  • Social Shares

Give your customers points if they share your store with their network via Twitter and Facebook.

  • Social Follows

A strong social following is a great way to build up brand awareness and sales. With Sweet Tooth you can give points to shoppers who follow you on Twitter or Instagram, as well as liking on Facebook page.

  • Give Bonus Points on Birthdays

Show your customers you care by giving them a present on their birthday.


Sweet Tooth Rewards App has a free version and a paid version. Although the subscription version has many more advanced options, the free version has enough to boost your business and create a very respectable Customer Loyalty Program!



So after taking care of that Sweet Tooth, maybe you are feeling a little health conscious and thinking maybe I should have something healthy like fruit? No worries, our next app on the list will take care of that as well as recommend products to your customer that they are most likely to buy!


  1. LimeSpot Personalizer- Targeted Recommendations



LimeSpot's patent-pending technology creates Intelligent Recommendation Boxes that can be placed on different pages of your store and showcase the products your customers are most likely to buy.

LimeSpot's algorithms are powered by big data, linguistic analysis, shopper behavior, and machine learning, to deliver great results. Stores have seen up to 40% more sales after installing LimeSpot! You can also check how your store is doing with LimeSpot from your own LimeSpot analytics dashboard.

LimeSpot also offers unique personalization features. For example, Top Picks lets shoppers log in with their Facebook profile to see products intelligently chosen for them. These features can be activated from your LimeSpot admin panel.

LimeSpot is technically a free trial with a kicker, it will remain a free trial until the app can Triple the subscription price for you in a one month period!

Okay, Okay, we have had sweet and we have had sour, but now we are going to bring the heat! We all know that a very large number of shopping carts get left abandoned and email reminders only convert 2-4% of the time. This next app blazes its way onto our list by helping you send your customer push notifications!


       3. FirePush – WebBrowser notifications


What are Push Notifications?

They are Web Browser based instant messages that can be sent to your subscribers even when they are not on your site. As long as they have signed up for your pushes, you can connect with your customers instantly at any time of the day to:

  • Send specially timed abandoned cart reminders to minimize lost sales
  • Offer special discounts or promotions
  • Keep your customers updated on what’s new in your store
  • Send delivery updates and tracking information

Firepush push Notifications provide a real hassle free fix for all your remarketing needs. They are designed to offer you fantastic potential for segmentation, giving you the opportunity to tailor your messages exactly to fit your customer’s needs

And with its one-click installation and user friendly features, Firepush really offers all you could need to get you Pushing and optimizing your sales today!


 These three apps can boost your store through customer loyalty, targeted recommendations, and push notifications to remind your customer to come back and to keep coming back! We all know that it costs more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain a current customer, with these apps you can drive that cost down tremendously!

As always, ShopiPoint is here to help in whatever way we can!

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