What Task is a “Small Task”?

What Task is a “Small Task”?

At Shopi Point, we offer a service for “Small Task”. If you are new to running websites, no task seems like a “small task”. This service is for existing shopify stores, so if you haven’t set up your online store yet, this service isn’t for you. You might be more interested in our Shopify Store Setup service. Our small task service is for people who have set up their store and want a few tweaks and/or custom functions. Let us handle your small shopify tweaks. That way you can spend less time worrying about potentially bringing down your site, and more time on your business strategy for your new online store.

Here are some things that qualify as “Small Tasks”

  • HTML and CSS/Small Theme Changes - When the built in options aren’t quite enough, we can make some changes to the site’s code where needed.
  • App and Social Feed Integration - We will connect your store to your social profiles and apps for maximum exposure to your potential customers
  • Layout Changes - Not familiar with Shopify? No problem! We can take care of your theme’s layout changes

Website management can be a headache, that’s why we offer our Small Task Service; to make your shopify experience the best one possible!

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