Why You Should Think More Mobile-Friendly Site

Why You Should Think More Mobile-Friendly Site

It’s no surprise that a good majority of web traffic is from mobile devices. A person with a relatively low-end phone or tablet has the ability to visit any website and make online purchases. Your online store may look great from your computer screen, but you should also make sure that it is well optimized for mobile devices. Here are a few tips for being a more mobile-friendly online store.

Your Site Needs To Be Responsive

There are still a large number of websites that, when viewed from a phone’s browser, show the full desktop site. The user has to zoom and scroll to all sides just to see the content on their phone’s screen. A responsive theme will adjust to match a smaller screen so that the user can navigate the site just by scrolling up and down. If your theme does not work well on mobile devices, we can help.

Your Site Needs To Be Linked

If you are on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you have the ability to show off your products and your special sales to thousands of potential customers. Most of these potential customers will be on mobile devices. If you are posting about your product, link to that product so that the user will not have to search for it. A common technique used on Instagram is linking to a sale or product in a profile’s bio, since Instagram does not allow links in a picture’s description. For example, you could post a picture of a product and say something like, “All shoes 50% off! Link in bio”.

Using social media for promotions is a great way to gain customers. For example, many online stores advertised on social media for Cyber Monday with promotions and coupon codes. On Cyber Monday this year people spent over $800 Million from mobile devices.

Statistically over half of your potential customers will be on a mobile device. This is why it is important to make sure your online store is as mobile-friendly as possible. If you need your theme customized to be responsive and mobile-friendly, visit our service page to find out which Shopi Point service is best for you.